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Hotel Saly Senegal
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A former French colony, Senegal has a rich history and a vibrant modern culture. It is one of the most stable states in West Africa, politically pluralistic and ethnically diverse; the population (13 million) is overwhelmingly Muslim yet it does not seem religiously oppressive.
Everywhere you go, the people are hospitable and open, not yet jaded by mass tourism.

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" Do go to Senegal, gateway to Black Africa. Fly there in under five hours, from Europe to hundreds of miles of soft sandy beaches.
From December to May, there lies the California of Africa. Sea, the Canaries' stream gently warms up. Cool air, gently swept up bytrade-winds. Cloudless skies streaming with blazing sunshine that warms, invigorates and gives white skins the velvet touch of black skins.
Do visit Kayar beach where miraculous loads of fish are carried ashore, Niokolo-Koba Park where lions and elephants, hippopotamuses and buffaloes enjoy free life...

Léopold Sédar Senghor

Wealth and diversity appear to be the two main watchwords when defining Senegal.
Bordered to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the north by Mauritania, to the east by Mali and to the south by Guinea-Bissau and Guinea, Senegal covers a surface area of 196,722
Four rivers run across the country. Senegal River, after which the country was named, forms the border with Mauritania. Its main tributary, Faleme River, marks the boundary with Mali along almost its entire length.
At the centre, Saloum River greets its tributary, the Sine, shortly before its mouth and throws itself into the sea via a long estuary crowded with mangrove swamps and rich vegetation. The upper course of the river Gambia, whose spring is located in Guinea, crosses the forest-covered and rugged region of Niokolo Koba.
To the south, the Casamance River brings water to the province of the same name.

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